Yarnapund Public company Limited was founded on 21 April 1952 by Mr Kaew and Mrs.Chamlong Phanpanit. It has been more than 50 years since the Company has played a key role in contributing to the growth of the country by team of executives who are experienced and expert in business, thus creating security and credibility to lift the standard of production to international level.
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ʱ ʱ Ĵ

﷢ʱļȷ ҽԺ С̱ ﲡǷܸ ﲡŴ ﲡƷ ô ﲡҽԺ ﷢ǰ ̱Ʒ κ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ̱ ֢״ Ʒ ҽԺ ٿ ֢״ ҽԺ ư緽 ﲡ˵ ﲡƷ ﲡ֢״ ﲡô ﲡҽԺ ̱֢״ ̱ ̱ ﲡҽԺ ﲡƷ ﲡô ﲡ֢״ ﲡ˲ܳʲô רҽԺ ֢״ ķԭ Ŵ 紫Ⱦ ҽ ҽ ý屨 2015 Ѷ ٿ ҽԺ ̱Ŀ ʲô׵ﲡ ﲡרҽԺ ҽ ﲡƷ ﲡ֢״ ҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡô ﲡ˵ ﲡӦעʲô ﲡܽ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡõҩ ﲡ˵ ﲡŴ ﲡõҩ ﲡκ ﲡƫ ﲡƷ ﲡ֢״ ﲡҽԺ ﲡô ﲡרҽԺ ȫﲡҽԺ йﲡҽԺ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡҽԺ ﲡô ﲡƷ ﲡ֢״ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡõҩ ﲡƫ רҽԺ ưõķ ҽԺ ֢״ ķԭ ̱ ̱֢״ ̱Ʒ ﲡҽԺ ﲡƷ ﲡ֢״ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡҽԺ ﲡרҽԺ ﲡƷ ﲡô ﲡ֢״ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡҽԺ ﲡƷ ﲡô ﲡ֢״ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡ˵

ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ຣﲡҽԺ ҽԺ ֬ʼ۸ ֬¡ؼ۸ ¡Ǯ ˫ƤҪǮ ۽۸ Ǯ ܽ۸ ע䲣Ǯ Ǯһ ̥ؼ۸ ߴŶǮ ҪǮ ֬Ǯ botoxЧ ۸ Ǯ ëǮ ζǮ С ҪǮ Ȧôȥ ȥ̥ ϴǮ ݽҪǮ ޶Ǯһ ΢¡Ǽ۸ ȥ۴ ˫Ƥ Ǯ Ρ΢ ˫Ƥ߶Ǯ ע¡ǶǮ 粨Ƥ Ǯ 沿 άһǮ ¡Ǯ ÷ °ͶǮ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺļҺ ﲡȷ ﲡô Ƿκ ﲡô С Ů ̷ ԭ ﲡκ ﲡ˵ ﲡŴ ﲡ˵Ļ ﲡʶ ﲡõҩ ﲡרҽԺ Ƶô 跢ô ﲡܻ ʯׯﲡҽԺ ɽﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ϺﲡҽԺ ɹﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ĴﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ɽﲡҽԺ ɽٷﲡҽԺ ֳﲡҽԺ ﲡҽ 㽭ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ 侯ҽԺ ﲡҽԺļ ͯﲡ֢״ ͯҽԺ Сѡҩ ѡҩ ˯ Ҷ֢״ ҩ ƫ רﲡҽԺ ļҽԺ ﷢ǰ ﲡõҽԺ йʮﲡҽԺ ﲡƷ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҩ ﲡ֢״Щ ﲡIJʲô ﲡŴ ﲡǰ ͺﲡҽԺ ɽﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡ˵ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ĴﲡҽԺļҺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ɳﲡҽԺ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡ֢״ ﲡƷ ﲡҽԺ ̶ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡƷ ﲡ֢״ ﲡ˲ܳʲô ﲡ˲ܳʲô ҽԺ ֢͸ ܼע ֢ Ѫѹ ׵֢״ Ǵ׵ ۺ iga ˥ ܲȫ С 򵰰ֵ ̻ DZѪ Ѫ СƷ ӱҽԺ ļҽԺ ɽõҽԺ ͺõҽ ɽõҽ õҽԺ ֳҽԺ ҽԺ ҽԺ ͯۺ֢ʳ ҽԺ ҽԺ ຣõҽԺ ҽԺ ҽԺô ư֢ҽԺ ΰҽԺ θҽԺ ʳҽԺôȥ ܰͰκ ΰҽԺ ٰκ ӹκ ҽԺ ٰ ҽԺ ʰƷ ƤҽԺ ԰ҽԺļרҵ 󳦰κ Ѷ õпҽԺ Щ֢״ йĵ Ƥ ǰ ͷô ʯΣ ҳʪô ҽԺ 侫ʹ Сʹ ׿ҽԺ ׿Ʒ ׼ ״ٽô ״ ״״ ׿ͻ űϲ Ǽ ״ ״ ƤҽԺ мô Ƥ ֹѷ ۲ ƽ ƤѢ֢״ ţƤѢ ݡ ʪ 괯Ʒ ָԤ ̱ҽԺ С̱ ̱֢״ ̱ԭ ̱ ̱Σ ̱ѵ ̱ ǿ̱ ʧ̱ ̱ ̱ 춯̱ ҽԺ ¡Ǯ ¡Ǯ ݼ ݲ ݼëǮ ֬ʵļ۸ ݿ۽ǶǮ ˫ƤǮ Ǯ ݲ¡Ǽ۸ ݹҪǮ ֲݵļ۸ ݿ۸ ʪ֢״ ϺƷ ϺйҽԺļҺ Ϻǰ׶ ϺƤļҽ ϺҽԺļҺ ϺԲҽԺ ʪƷ ʪҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ μﲡҽԺ ͭﲡҽԺ ӰﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ ﲡҽԺ βᴫȾ ӲƷ Ҹ θˮ ҽԺ Ҹ԰ СŴ תøƫߵΣ ظߵԭ֢״